AS Level Physics Exam Prep

AS Level Physics exam preparation course is designed to provide students with a thorough understanding of the key concepts and principles within the subject area.

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AS Level Physics exam preparation course is designed to provide students with a thorough understanding of the key concepts and principles within the subject area.

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About the course

The AS Level Physics exam preparation course has been developed to improve a student's understanding of Physics. As students work through and revise their course work by watching recorded live lessons, they will further solidify their understanding of Physics.

By completing the weekly assignments they will be able to practise their skills and properly prepare for the exams to come. 

The personalised feedback given on the assignments will ensure that students are able to recognise where to devote more attention and will resolve any uncertainty they might be experiencing concerning how to approach a question. 

Each assignment will be discussed in a Q&A session, where teachers will complete the assignment for everyone in attendance. This will help the students understand how to approach certain problems and provide clarity on certain concepts in action. 

More complex concepts will be given special attention to ensure that the student is properly prepared for the upcoming AS Level Physics exams.

Some of the complex AS Level physics theories covered in the course

  • Work, Energy, and Power: understand work, net work done, energy, the conservation of mechanical energy, the conservation of energy with friction, the work-energy theorem, work done by gravity, power, and power problem-solving.
  • Forces – Vectors and Moments: delve into forces and understand vectors and moments through the use of components, objects at equilibrium, moments of force, moments of force at equilibrium, moments of objects at equilibrium, and more. 
  • Accelerated Motion: learn about the graphs of motion, how to work with a velocity-time graph, projectile motion, surat-equations and free-fall, and more. 
  • Super Position of Waves: refine your understanding of and ability in the super position of waves, covering the Doppler effect and diffraction grating, double slit and grating, oscilloscope signals and interference of sound waves, and more. 
  • Practical Skills: improve your understanding of the practical skills required at AS Level, including accuracy, precision, uncertainties, uncertainties and errors, absolute uncertainties, significant figures, and more. 

Students who complete this five-week course will be properly prepared for their Physics exam and understand all necessary concepts.

How the course works

Throughout the course, students will be provided with past exam papers designed to practice and reinforce the concepts covered in the Cambridge AS Level Physics exams. Students will have the opportunity to ask questions and receive individualised feedback from the teacher during the online lessons.

Students will also receive a recording of each live lesson, to revisit should they wish to review a specific portion of the lesson. 

The first 5 weeks of the course will focus on establishing which problem areas students are facing when completing past papers. After each assessment is completed, the teacher will work through problem areas that arose and provide detailed explanations to help students solve the problems.  

The course concludes with a final mock exam, written in test conditions in an online lesson. In the final week, students will receive feedback from the teacher on their final exam and advice on how to prepare for the Cambridge AS Level Physics exam.

Why CambriLearn?

CambriLearn students have been achieving phenomenal results on their Cambridge exams for a decade. This is thanks to the individualised attention students receive from our experienced teachers, who provide feedback in a small online classroom environment. 
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